Here we have complied a list of websites, people, businesses, and content creators that have inspired us and helped us in our journey to learn more about plants. We hope that these help you along your way as well.

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Microgreen nutrition

Facts Sheet on Microgreens - Gecko Mountain Farm

Nutritional information you want to know on a large variety of different microgreens! Click here.


Pea Shoot Nutritional Info

Click here to read about pea shoot nutrition that is based on years of research by Super Charge Foods


Are Microgreens Healthier? shows us the truth behind microgreen nutrition and provides a link to the USDA study that proven microgreens are way more nutrient dense than full grown veggies.

Check out the article on microgreen nutrition

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House plants


Our Favorite Suppliers


Growing Role Models

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

Take notes from this garden genius if you are running low on space! This Urban Farmer has become a pro at this - and he has an entire program teaching you how to do the same. And no, we're not paid by him, but people deserve to see his content

YouTube Channel




If you are gardening in Michigan this guy's videos are a must to watch! He covers everything you could think of, and he even has a seed store!

YouTube Channel


Roots & Refuge Farm

This family farm vlogs their life on YouTube and provides a lot of good information about how to successfully farm for your family. The best part of their channel is the garden walkthroughs she does weekly.

YouTube Channel

City Hydro

Learn to grow microgreens with City Hydro! Their website & their YouTube are both incredible resources for learning the day by day growth of different varieties of microgreens.

YouTube Channel


Serpa Design

Watch the most beautiful terrarium builds and learn a lot about them along the way! If you are into terrariums you will LOVE this YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel


Plant & Insect Identification

Databases to search for plants:

Edible Wild Food!

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

USDA Plant Database

Regional Michigan Plant Lists from CANR MSU

Plants for a Future

University of Connecticut Plant Database


North American Native Plant Society

RHS Find a Plant for your Garden

Botany YouTuber Crime Pays But Botany Doesn't

If you don't mind a little profanity, this botanist with a Brooklyn accent will make you laugh and learn about plant identification and growth. He is a very good teacher of all things botany.

YouTube Channel

Databases to search for insects and pests:

U.S. National Insect Collection Database

Insect Database

Smithsonian Entomology Department

An MSU source of links for pest knowledge and control


Local Farms & growers

Danu Hof Family Farm

Delicious local pork from the happiest pigs ever, as well as an array of other products. They can be found at their own farm stand and at multiple local farm markets, Traverse City, Bellaire, and more!

Check out their Facebook

Wagbo Farm and Education Center

Wagbo is a local farm of over 400 acres that provides an inspirational place for people to connect with each other and the land. They have tons of fun family events and gatherings!

Check out their Facebook

Providence Organic Farm

A family farm that runs a CSA offering delicious organic produce to the locals. They always have a beautiful farm market display and can be found at many local markets, grocery stores, and restaurants! They have the best potatoes I have ever eaten in my life.

Check out their CSA here


Royal Farms

Best known for their farm markets on US-31 and M-88, this farm grows delicious food, has an amazing winery and wine tasting room as well as a bakery! They also grow great pumpkins for Halloween. Check out their markets or tasting room when they are open!

Check out their website here


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