2.5 ounces of Broccoli Microgreens.
These microgreens have a fresh, mild cabbage/broccoli flavor that makes a great addition to many dishes. These are great for adding into smoothies because they don't change the flavor very much. They are also good on sandwiches and as little side salad, and great with carrots, parsnips, corned beef, chicken, and any root veggie.
Stays fresh in the fridge for about 7 - 14 days.
Seeds come from True Leaf Market and are grown with organic methods.
Nutrition Information:
Micro Broccoli is full of minerals and vitamins, like vitamin B6 and beta carotene. Broccoli’s high levels of vitamin A is necessary for skin health, eye health.
Health Benefits:
	Rich in Protein
	Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
	Promotes teeth and gum health
	Promotes bone health
	Promotes wound healing
	Improves eye health
	Detoxifies blood
	Protects Liver 
	Balances pH level and regulates blood acidity
	Improves hormonal health and adrenal gland functioning
	Increases metabolism and better management of a healthy weight
	Promotes cognitive function, even into old age

Micro Broccoli, "Waltham"

  • This product is a 2 ounce bag of microgreens.

    They are sold cut, unwashed, and packaged in a plastic bag or clamshell.

    For best freshness, keep in your crisper. Try not to get a lot of moisture in the container. Each variety keeps for a different amount of time, see description for more details.

  • All of our microgreens are grown in Kewadin Michigan using smart and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, which includes not using any pesticides or harmful chemicals in our growing cycle. Though we are not certified we do use organic methods to grow all of our microgreens to get the best flavor and quality as possible.