Why you should eat Pea Shoots & 8 ways to do it

Pea Shoots are super healthy for you & taste just like a fresh, sweet garden pea pods.

That's an insane amount of vitamins! Those stats alone should make you want to incorporate these in your meals! Their crisp sweetness is exactly like a sweet freshly picked garden pea pod. Also, they last a long time the the refrigerator, usually 14 + days in the crisper.

They are a great snacking alternative to many of the unhealthy things we are drawn to daily. Here are a few things you can do with them! All the links included are recipes that I have written.

  1. Throw them into a stir fry right after you turn off the heat and stir them in so that they wilt slightly. They add a sweet crunch to the dish,

  2. Make a delicious Pea Shoot Pesto and then make a Pea Shoot Pesto Pizza!!

  3. Chop them and put them in your salad along with other mixed microgreens! Click here for my salad recipe!

  4. Spread them out on a sandwich for an extra crunch

  5. Take a pinch of them, fold them in half and dip them in hummus or any dip you would normally use chips in! Or put hummus and pea shoots on the almond flour air fryer crackers (you can make them in the oven as well).

  6. Spread them on your plate before putting your dinner on it! It makes a great base for a bunless burger or a delicious steak dinner. Or garnish your plate with a few of them on the top!

  7. When wilting greens like spinach or kale, chop the pea shoots in half and throw them in when the greens are half cooked. They taste amazing together.

  8. Chop them and put them in an omelette.

So next time you are at the market, pick up some pea shoots from a local grower and try out one of these methods. You might be surprised how many different things you can come up with to put them in!

Happy Cooking,

Gabby Waterman

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