Updates: November Menu, Farmer's Market, and Email List!

November Menu is now live in our shop!!!

We are happy to release our November Menu and we hope that you find something you like on there! We are open to suggestions of varieties for our December menu, and we already have a few new options planned for the menu.

Link to the shop right here!


Big news for this week: We are at the Bellaire Farmer and Artisan Market every Friday 9-Noon until late May! All the details are in a photo below. Please come check it out!

Also, don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook @microliciousplants to see what we have been growing and pictures of everything we do!

And if you want weekly emails from me and some more bonuses each week than click the link below and you can sign up!


Future Content: We plan on expanding our reach to a bigger audience. We will be starting up a podcast and we have a few other things in the works.....

If anyone has any questions about microgreens or growing plants, just send us an email! microliciousplants@gmail.com

Happy growing to all :D Gabby Waterman

A delicious dinner we had this week of coconut flour crusted whitefish, sauteed veggies, and microgreens.

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