Tomato Soup with Garden Fresh Tomatoes

Everybody can make tomato soup with canned tomatoes. But this time of the year we should all be taking advantage of the bountiful backyard garden you have, and if you don't have that, the local farmer's market is busting with tomatoes and other amazing produce right now.

This recipe tells you how to make delicious tomato soup step by step with garden fresh tomatoes! I don't use any quantities here because depending on how much you have and what flavors you like, you can customize this soup! To get the best tasting soup you should be sampling while you are cooking anyways!


Any fresh garden tomatoes



Fresh basil, sage, and thyme

salt & pepper

8 oz can of tomato paste

(optional) a dollop of Kirkland Better than Bouillon Organic Chicken Base

can of coconut milk (or 4 oz cream cheese)

coconut oil


  1. Chop the veggies. I cut cherry tomatoes in half and slice romas or other bigger tomatoes like they are going on a sandwich. I dice up the garlic, and slice the onions however you would like.

  2. Heat up coconut oil in a pan.

  3. Add in onions and cook until they start to caramelize. Add in some salt as well.

  4. Add in garlic, cooking for 1 minute before adding the tomatoes. At this time I also add the fresh herbs. I like using a lot of basil, sage, and thyme for the flavoring of my tomato soup.

  5. Stir frequently. When the tomatoes are half cooked, add in an 8 oz can of tomato paste and the chicken base if you are using it.

  6. Continue cooking and stirring frequently until the tomatoes are all soft and falling apart.

  7. Take a can of coconut milk and use a spoon to skim the cream off the top.

  8. Use an emulsion blender to purify the soup. Keep blending until you reach your desired texture.

  9. Taste and add in any necessary seasonings, herbs, or extra cream that you would like. Let the soup cook on low for at least a half hour, covered and stirring occasionally. In this time you can make a grilled cheese or any other side dish you want.

  10. Serve with our delicious Ben's Extra Stuffed Grilled Cheese or a regular grilled cheese, and any additional side dishes. Top with microgreens if desired!

Happy Cooking,

Gabby Waterman

Tomato soup with arugula microgreens, homemade pretzel bun grilled cheese, and tater tots.

The soup before emulsifying it

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