Nature's Energy

Updated: Jan 25

Nature can show us peace in times of chaos. Regardless of what is happening in the world with people, mother nature keeps living. Our lives may feel chaotic because of all the madness going on and the drama perpetuating and conspiracy theories being shared. But in truth, we are only as peaceful as we allow ourselves to be.

I have trouble with this myself, because I have always been on a loop of constant, what do I do next? How do I improve? But mother nature is here to show us that we can exist in the peacefulness of the earth and we can be productive in the same lifetime. In fact, without proper rest of the mind, we can't be very productive at all. In a world where most people believe that productivity is of utmost importance and that rest is for the weak, we tend to perpetuate our own suffering. So how can we let go? A great way to let go by disconnecting from the madness of daily life is to spend some time in nature. It seems obvious but it really is a great place to be peaceful. It seems to me that the plants are asking for you to be peaceful.

Go outside, find a comfortable spot, and just breathe. Smell the fresh air, feel the grass under your feet, and listen to the beautiful sounds. Just exist in that moment without needing to do anything else, and stay there as long as you need to in order to really feel nature's energy and let it overtake you. Learn to sit and accept the moment as it is without changing it or doing anything about it. When we can accept the present moment, we can begin to see more beauty in what is right in front of us every day. There is something about learning to accept the moment AND knowing when you need to take action to make changes. But I think that living in the constant loop of needing to take action and get something done is also harmful for a person's well being. Learning when to stop and actually REST is very important.

In the end, being outside of the 4 walls and out in the open fresh air you can get a breath of life and freshen your energy. So next time you are feeling chaotic or gloomy or unbalanced or whatever it may be, go outside. Sit or walk, but just be outside for awhile. In fact, you can do it right now!

Happy nature adventuring,

Gabby Waterman

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