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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

We are a couple living in Kewadin, Michigan who are bringing nutrition to the locals through microgreens! We have a passion for healthy food and a belief that everyone can grow - they just have to start. I'm Gabby, and my boyfriend Ben and I have a voracious love of plants. We started this business together to teach people that they can eat healthier and grow healthier if they just put in a little effort, time, and money.

Ben has 10 years of Greenhouse experience and has been growing microgreens successfully for about 5 months now. He is amazing with plants and loves growing everythingcc. He has other passions as well, including 3D printing and RC trucking. You can find him tooling around on Instagram @keyboardcrawlin and on his YouTube channel Keyboard Crawlin.

I have loved plants since I was a kid, digging in the garden with my dad and pulling out weeds. I have been growing plants myself at home since I was 16, and I decided to go to college to learn about growing and agriculture. I want to take the knowledge I have gathered over the years and share it with others, in the hopes that they will try their hands at the art of growing.

Our website is going to be more than a place to order microgreens. We have plans to share all sorts of knowledge and information from the viewpoint of the grower and the health lover. We will have a recipe section with all different kinds of food to eat, and a blog talking about all things plants! Their nutrition, growing, and all topics. We have tons of knowledge and resources to share, so look forward to lots of content!

If you want more information on exactly who we are, what we do, and whether or not you can buy microgreens from us:

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Happy Growing to all,

Gabby Waterman

Pea Shoots growing on a Coco Pad, 100% organic, 100% pesticide free.

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