Having a Plant Care Plan

If you're like me, you have (or want to have) a variety of different house plants in every room of the house! Keeping track of all them can be a pain and can be very confusing when they all have special needs. Here are a few tips I have for taking care of your indoor plants!

One of the best ways to be successful in growing any plant indoors is to have a plan. I have learned the hard way that not knowing what your plant needs (and actually writing it down) can really hinder your success. When you are getting started with plants this is the best way to go. Once you have a plant for a long time and you have success growing it, you can just stick with your plan and file the information away until you have issues, forget what you need to do, and need to reference it.

The easiest and most accurate way to create a plant care plan is to fill out a sheet for each one that has information about its care. This allows you to build a folder with the information you need to grow all of your plants. I offer a totally free download for you to get started, it's a one page PDF that you can record information you will need to know. You can also use a regular journal but make sure to dedicate enough space to record what you need to for each plant.

Do your research online by reading a few different websites and their plant care profiles. Learn as much as you can about the plant's needs from others and record it!

Why should you record information when you can find all of the care info online?

We have all googled, "How to care for my snake plant" enough times to ALMOST remember the information we find. But nobody wants to have to search about a plant every time they need to know something about it. So recording it and keeping it all together will help level up your green thumb, almost like building your own how to manual. You can then look at it later! Also, you can add your own experiences to the records and draw your own conclusions based on them.

Once you have a lot of plants it can be difficult to sort out where they all need to be in the house, which is key to indoor growing success. I always group my plants by needs. On one shelf I have cacti and plants that need a lot of light & drainage, which I know because I have researched and planned for each individual. Some succulents need more water & humidity, so I try to group them into one tray. It is easy to use the plan to help you find where the plant thrives in your house!

To recap:

- Have a well thought out plan

- Follow through with it

- Placement is key

I hope these tips benefit you and I hope that you find good use in the free PDF I have created. Find your own way to take care of your plants and let them thrive! What are your favorite ways to keep track of all your house plants?!?

Happy Growing,

Gabby Waterman

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