Gabby's Easy Chili Recipe

This chili recipe is always my go to for an easy, delicious low carb chili option. If you want, you can add beans or corn but I prefer my chili with lots of meat and tomato flavor, and some veggies.

I'm going to admit right now that a lot of the recipes I will write on here are my personal ones, so I sometimes specify to use ingredients to taste. Those ingredients are ones that I vary according to my current cravings. I like to leave my recipes flexible for those that may want to change the ratios, so adjust this recipe to your personal tastes. I always taste as I cook, and my results always end up more flavorful and delicious :)

Gabby's Chili - low carb, gluten free, dairy free


1 lb ground hot sausage

1 lb ground beef

¾ white onion, roughly diced

2 green peppers

4-5 roma tomatoes

3 stalks celery


1 c stock sweet potatoes (cubed small)

2 cans tomato paste (or more if you like a lot of tomato flavor in your chili)

Seasoning for ground beef:

2 T chili powder

2 t cumin

1 t pepper

1 t salt

oregano to taste

basil to taste


1. Use a big pan to cook the meat. Cook down sausage until crispy, and set aside in a bowl.

2. Season the ground beef thoroughly by massaging with your hands. Cook in the big pan until done. Take out of the pan and add to the sausage bowl. In a separate small pan, saute the sweet potato cubes.

3. Add your roughly diced onions to the pan (that you cooked the meat in) with butter and saute until soft and translucent. Add the beef and sausage back into the big pan, then add the veggies and stock, except the sweet potato.

4. When sweet potato is done, add into the big pan of chili, then add the tomato paste in too. Simmer for 1-3 hours or just until green pepper is cooked.

5. Serve with microgreens on the top!

Some people top their chili with cheese, but why not use microgreens instead?

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