Ben's Extra Stuffed Grilled Cheese

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

We all like a really good grilled cheese sandwich now and then. This recipe is a great way to level up your grilled cheese sandwich game and make it way more filling and nutritious!

We used fresh baked bread from our favorite local baker, Jackie, that we met at the Ellsworth Farmer's Market. The ground pork was also bought at the farmer's market from

Wagbo Farm & Education Center in East Jordan.

They are an amazing organization that gives opportunities to all who want to join the community.


Bread - Ben likes regular fresh bread but I prefer to make gluten free with almond flour.

Here is a link to the one I make!

Cheese - We used sharp cheddar and parmesan. We like a variety of block cheese so we can fresh slice it ourselves, it is cheaper and very easy

Cooked ground pork - You can use any cooked meat in this recipe or no meat

Microgreens - We used Leeks and Arugula

Mustard or other sauce (optional)

In the Pan: Butter, Turmeric, Smoked Paprika, and Bacon Grease


1. Get ingredients sliced and ready to assemble

2. Put a cast iron pan on medium high and get the butter, bacon grease, and seasonings in the pan. Use enough to coat the pan but not so much that it soaks into the bread.

3. Put a big pinch of micro leeks on one piece of bread, and then half the cheese down on top of that. Then add the meat, then the other microgreens. Then add another layer of cheese and the bread.

4. Make sure the pan is hot and get it in!

5. Cook on each side until golden brown and melted.

6. Remove from pan, cut, and enjoy while still hot!

Goes great with homemade tomato soup! You will see a recipe for mine posted later this week.

Happy cooking!

Gabby Waterman

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