Ben has 10 years of Greenhouse experience and has been growing microgreens successfully for almost a year now. He is amazing with plants and loves growing everything. He loves being outside, whether he is working or having fun. Other passions of his include 3D printing and photography. You can find him printing and designing on Instagram @nmiplastics.


Gabby has loved plants since she was a kid, digging in the garden with her dad and pulling out weeds. She has been growing plants myself at home since the age of 16, and then she decided to go to college to learn about growing and agriculture. She wants to take the knowledge she has gathered over the years and share it with others, in the hopes that they will try their hands at the art of growing.


We want to feed our local community with healthy, nutrient dense, pesticide free microgreens year round. It's not easy to find fresh, local food year round when Michigan turns into a winter wonderland. Indoor gardening is the answer to that!

We want to provide easy to follow, healthy recipes for everyone to learn how to easily incorporate microgreens into what they already eat, and find something new and delicious

If you want to learn more about indoor and outdoor gardening, send us a message or check out our blog, podcast, and Instagram!

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